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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

This Is One Classy Lady

She has raised a lot of money For MS Research
Please Take A Minute And Read Her Story

Vix Tells Her Story Of Battling M.S. So That

Anyone Would Know How It Feels To Battle

This Ever Changing Desease.

(and besides - She takes one Hell of a Picture)

LOL - Now That Goes To Figure!!

Too Funny! I finally decide to start working on a blog to take up a bit of my over abundate spare time I have these days only to have to -uhmmmm - go back to work for a couple weeks and help my old partner bail out one of our local construction company's here. Seems they are running just a "weeeee" bit behind on a new Wal-Mart store. God forbid the new Wal-Mart opens a couple weeks late!!

Soooooooo - I guess U'll pick up on this when I get back home in a couple weeks. In the mean time, Have a super fourth of July and what the heck - have super days the rest of the time too. Well see ya's in a couple weeks.

Monday, June 26, 2006

OK - I Had To Do This

Hi Readers,
Well I finally decided I needed to have my own blog after reading a few of some good oldtime internet friend's. Hopefully - they (Diane of Diane's Stuff, Mel of Just A Girl, and a few others I have stumbled across from our old Backgammon Tournament director day's, will be there to help me with some of the tricks of the trade. (been awhile since I played with much html and such so bare with me please).